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Super Airtight Containers

These super airtight containers are perfect for storage herbs that have a strong odor and or to preserve the herbs in fresh condition. These containers are airtight which means the herbs are hermetically sealed: no air is coming in our out of the container.

super airtight container for herbs, coffee, tea, tobaccoThe super airtight containers are perfect for preserving your herbs fresh for a long time and more than that keeping the nasty odors in the container. The airtight container features an easy push button on the cap which permits the air to go out but obstructs the air from coming in the container. That means the herbs inside the container are staying in a sealed environment. The super airtight containers are made from acrylic material and if used properly will last for years.

The super airtight containers are a perfect tool in your kitchen for storing dry or humid spices, coffee or tea but also are perfect for storing medical herbs or cigarette tobacco. While closed in the super airtight container you will make sure that your herbs will stay fresh for a long time, will not lose the flavor, no insects or flies will touch them and no odor is coming out!

Super airtight container dimensions:
  • Height: 5.9";
  • Diameter: 3";
  • Capacity: 11.8 fl-oz; 

Brief about this super airtight containers

  • Hermetically sealed containers.
  • Perfect to storage: coffee, tea, spices, tobacco, medical herbs.
  • No odor is coming out from the containers.
  • Keeps your greens in perfect mint condition for long periods of time;
  • Made from acrylic which makes them light and portable.
  • Cost only $12.95.

These super airtight containers are smokers' favorites. The tobacco will stay humid for a perfect cigarette roll and the medical herbs will preserve their flavor and potency closed in this super airtight container. Not to say that those airtight containers look way better than any other plastic bag or glass container outhere.

Super airtight containers pricing:

airtight herb containersOur airtight herb containers offer includes:

Wholesale orders are welcome! We offer huge discounts !

To assure your spices remain fresh for a longer time, this airtight herbs containers are the best solution. Our odor herb containers breaks away from the usual jar to offer you an original alternative to keep your favorit stuff. The jar is airtight and contains a large opening that permits you to put easy your favourite herbs. These inexpensive airtight herb containers can store your favorite herbs, in very good conditions and being so inexpensive you can buy more of them to keep your different flavor separately.

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